Calli Luikart grew up in Portland, Oregon, as the middle of 3 siblings. She is defined by her hard work and independent spirit, working full-time since the age of 16 and graduating with both Accounting and Management majors from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Art has been her passion since she was young, but she chose to pursue business as a more "practical" degree. 

Just weeks before graduation, Calli was in a life-changing accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Her journey is extraordinary -- and also online! Wendy Luikart, Calli's mom, kept a journal on Caring Bridge recounting their experience from the first night all the way to the present. If you are interested in reading it, click the "Caring Bridge" link below! 

After the accident, Calli's hope for her future seemed all but lost. Not only was she learning how to live with paralysis, but she also had little to no hand function. Her occupational therapist created a brace for her hand that would allow her to continue creating art. Now she is able to practice pointillism with her wrist. She is currently working on a mix of commission and personal pieces, some of which she is selling prints! Between her part-time job, outpatient therapy, and the time-consuming nature of pointillism, Calli is limited on how many commission pieces she can accept at one time. She is currently accepting some new requests, so head to the "commissions" tab or so contact her for more information!  


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